The Rusty Unicorn has many gift idea's for all who love fae and fantasy.

Fairies, dragons and English folklore has inspired the artwork on this site. All individual and unique, the ideal place for idea's for gifts for friends and family alike!

What is The Rusty Unicorn?

The Rusty Unicorn began as an wonderful idea between two great friends. Between them and their love of nature, fantasy and humour, they have developed their own styles of art.

Who are they?

Unicornus and Hayley Rust are the two creative talents of the team. Their love of art and crafts and also a wicked sense of humour, has allowed them to develop their crafts so that you can now share their of love, life and laughter.

What do they do?

Hayley is the fantasy artist who has becoming well known in the fantasy circles for both her artwork and illustrations. She grew up with nature and she has fairies and dragons at the bottom of her garden.

Debby is someone who beholds and loves nature in all its guises. Her talent with glass and fabrics are truly beautiful. She is influenced by celtic and pagan images as well as her own stories.

All their work is individual and unique. Totally bespoke, there may be replications in design but not one will be exactly the same.

So...come along and take a peek a their artwork and enjoy their love of nature and life...with a good sprinkle of laughter!
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